After you have completed your driving test after having taken driving classes and your license is suspended for any reason, you could be required by the courts to pass the extended driving test in order to reinstate it.

Many who lose their licenses have not taken driving classes and have been taught solely by their family members or friends, or even never taken any driving test. You can find the various online sites that offered to buy genuine driving licence.

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This article provides tips for how to prepare for the long driving test.

The extended driving test is much more challenging than the typical L test, taking more than 70 minutes rather than 40 minutes, and taking a wider route including dual carriageways with high speeds. It is necessary to prepare for this test at some of the driving school. 

The emphasis will be on the ability of the driver to focus throughout the test, and attention is paid to the overall manner of the driving. The demonstration of a single maneuver as well as stopping for emergency situations will be part in the test. You will need to prove to the test taker that you're competent in driving safely, without ignoring others on the road.

Concentrating for such a long time is a challenging task, especially if you've not had any formal driving instruction as the mind tends to wander while driving.