It is important to consult a real estate planning attorney to ensure that not only do you have a plan but that your plan is valid and recognized under applicable state laws.

A real estate planning lawyer in Massachusetts helps you create a power of attorney, living foundation, and health care attorney to protect you over the years. Lawyers will also work with you to draft a will and/or will provision in your living trust to protect those you leave behind. 

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This action may impede the distribution of your property under the terms of the Massachusetts Bylaws. If these laws control your situation, it means you have lost control over who receives your wealth and who is appointed guardian of your children.

A Power of Attorney is a legal document that authorizes another person to manage your financial affairs. There are two types of power of attorney. The first is a general power of attorney that immediately authorizes another person known as a "lawyer." 

The second is a Power of Attorney, which authorizes another person, known as a "specialist attorney", only if you suffer from a physical or mental disability. By having a Power of Attorney produced by a real estate planning attorney, you can avoid the frustration, delay, and costly preservation process if you become incapacitated. 

Finally, the quaestor procedure requires a judge to appoint a quaestor, who may actually be completely unknown to the family.