Primary care services are important for both your health and your wallet. You can hire the professional services of primary care via

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Here are few things to look for when selecting a primary care provider: 

1. Location: Look for a primary care provider close to home if possible. If you have to travel for care, make sure the provider is convenient and affordable.

2. Staff: Make sure the staff is knowledgeable and experienced in treating conditions related to heart, lungs, blood pressure, diabetes, and other common issues.

3. Services: Ask what kind of services the provider offers, and be sure they are appropriate for your needs. For example, some providers offer flu shots while others provide comprehensive primary care services.

4. Fees: Make sure the fees are reasonable and that the provider accepts your insurance.

5. Hours of Operation: Be sure the hours of operation are convenient for you and that the provider is open during weekday evenings and weekends as well as weekdays during regular business hours.

An annual physical is a check-up that doctors typically give patients over the age of 12. The physical includes a review of your health history, a physical examination, and blood tests. The goal of an annual physical is to identify any health problems early and to help you take steps to prevent them from developing.