People are becoming more aware of the environmental changes we are facing and how the impact of factory farms not only takes a toll on the increasing amount of greenhouse gases but also on the immoral treatment of animals.

For these reasons and many others, people are choosing to live a greener lifestyle by switching to the best vegan and vegetarian diets. Every year it becomes easier for people interested in this way of life to find more information about this diet. 

With the incredible speed of the Internet and the rapid spread of information from place to place, you can now seek support, seek advice, or find answers to your questions from fellow vegans and dietitians. 

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From a previously unknown way of life, it is becoming more popular every day and includes people from all walks of life. From millionaires to neighborhood kids, everyone seems to be becoming more vegan-conscious.

Before you start, you need to make a big difference. Most people believe that vegan is synonymous with vegetarianism. Although both diets exclude meat, the vegetarian diet is less restrictive than the vegan diet.

Vegetarians still consume dairy, and eggs and some even eat fish, whereas the vegan diet is strictly based on plant-based food sources. Some even refrain from buying animal products such as leather, silk, fur, or cosmetics that have been tested on animals.

Therefore, people usually find it very difficult to switch to a completely vegan diet. If you want to start a vegan diet, it is wise to start slowly and make it as easy as possible.