A fulfillment firm in Canada handles the receiving, packaging, delivery, and return of customer orders. Businesses can outsource order fulfillment, including products in, warehousing, pick and pack, shipping, and returns, to fulfilment organizations.

A fulfillment agency in Canada is responsible for the management of a business’ product delivery system. It manages the entire supply chain and is responsible for keeping the inventory of its clients updated, as well as collecting payment and shipping records for every order.  

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Here are some things to consider when choosing a performance service for your online brand:

Delivery speed

Most people don't like waiting weeks to receive their products after experiencing the beauty of Amazon Prime. Two-day shipping is the new norm, so customers today expect all brands to offer faster shipping speeds for the same price.

The best fulfillment services use efficient and effective fulfillment processes so they can get your goods to customers faster. This is possible because they have simplified support software and strategically placed warehouses.

Camp location for implementation

Customers expect faster delivery speeds. An important component of this is the proximity of the fulfillment center to a particular customer.

When choosing a show service, it's important to know where these show camps are located. For example, an execution company might have very little stock, preventing them from shipping at the speed your customers want. If you work with it, you are jeopardizing the user experience.