Each professional must have a variety of great headshots within their branding toolkit. Your mugshot does matter particularly in the age of social media marketing using new media. There is a lot of competition in the business world and you'll need creative personal branding photographers that effectively communicate your branding. 

This is especially true if you're trying to get promoted within your organization or are hoping to get selected as the keynote speaker for the next industry conference or you are a small-business owner or entrepreneur. 

Your picture is typically the first impression people make of you, and you'll need to leave a genuinely positive impression.

The majority of professionals don't pay any think about their headshots or think of it as an opportunity to market their image. They simply show up to the studio in professional clothes while leaving the other aspects for the photographer's decision. 

However, you must meet with the photographer before time to discuss what kind of industry or business you working in, the position you hold as well as your business's culture and the reason for the photoshoot. 

Be aware of your objectives and plan for marketing yourself using photos and determine the ideal audience. Then, you can effectively communicate to the photographer what the photographer needs to know to ensure that the photo shoot is successful for the overall design of your brand.

What kind of background or location communicates your brand's image? Create the kind of atmosphere you'd like to convey with your image, whether outdoors or in an executive room, or a home office.