1. A Canadian woman, who was identified only as Amrit Kaur, has been charged with terrorism after trying to leave the country for Syria to join the Islamic State group.

2. The Trudeau government has announced that it will increase its military presence in Iraq and Syria by up to 600 troops.

3. Thousands of people are protesting in Quebec against proposed changes to the French language education system. If you want to know more latest Punjabi news  check through this website : https://www.canadianparvasi.com/

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4. A new study has found that parents who use corporal punishment are more likely to have children who exhibit behavioural problems.

5. A man has been charged with First-degree murder after a stabbing in downtown Toronto last night.

6. A study has found that cannabis use can improve symptoms of chronic pain, epilepsy and multiple sclerosis.

7. The federal government is proposing a new law that would make it easier for employers to fire employees for reasons related to their  gender identity.

8. A spokesperson for the RCMP says they are not investigating any other possible incidents involving the suspect in last night's attack on Parliament Hill in Ottawa.

9. A poll has found that two-thirds of Canadians believe that the country is headed in the wrong direction, and most of them blame Justin Trudeau's government for it.

10. The federal government has announced that they will allow some new drugs to be manufactured and distributed by pharmaceutical companies rather than the provincial health authorities in Canada's 13 provinces and territories, which is the current arrangement.