Quick Review: Ultrasport F-Back bike has been around for years, if not decades. Many bikers swear by this bike and consider it to be one of the best on the market. If there ever was a benchmark by which all other folding exercise bicycles can be judged, it'd be the Ultra Sport F-Back. This is an affordable, reliable bike that's easily the most popular in its class year after year. In fact, sales of this model continue to outstrip those of other folding exercise bike models year after year, and it remains a constant favorite with many consumers. If you're looking for a way to get in shape without breaking the bank or just looking for something to add to your home gym, take a look at the Ultra Sport F-Back.

The first thing you should know about this folding exercise bike is that it's much less expensive than other models. While other units certainly cost more than they're worth, the F-Back is still much less than they cost, making it a great value for any serious exerciser. Here are a few more details about how it works, how much it costs, and what kind of workout you can expect from this model.

The first thing you should know about this great workout machine is that it offers eight resistance levels. This gives you a great workout because you can start out with a lower level to get your body in shape and then increase the intensity as you progress. Since the resistance levels range from low to high, you can always start out with a low resistance level and gradually work your way up to higher resistance levels.

The unit also offers two modes, one for low intensity cardio and one for intensity strength training. You can set the bike to target your legs or arms on one mode, or do both on the other. You'll quickly find that using the X React bike means you'll be burning more calories overall than you would with other exercise bikes, and that you'll have a much better overall cardiovascular workout too. Of course, you can always mix these two modes up if you don't feel like just one of them is being done.

One of the features that most consumers don't appreciate is that of the interactive workout display that's included on the F-Back. This offers the exerciser the ability to see exactly what his or her heart rate is doing during the entire workout session, which means that the athlete can adjust their exertion accordingly. Not only does this make a big difference for advanced users, but it means the user can ensure that they're putting in the same amount of effort and that their heart is feeling good while they're at it. And since this display includes information on your calorie consumption and heart rate target, even if you're doing something incredibly intense, you'll easily see the numbers going up by targeting lower numbers and intensities. This makes for a very reliable calorie burning system, and it's one that's enjoyed by everyone who has tried the F-backs.

Another thing that many people forget to take into account when buying a new workout equipment product is the foldable feature that goes along with them. Most people can appreciate having the ability to roll up an exercise bike for easy storage, and the F-backs are no exception. They come with an easily folding frame, which allows you to quickly move the bike from place to place if you need to do so. For those who aren't looking to go all out on a big workout, the foldable frame will still allow you to get a full workout in, and there is plenty of space on the inside of the frame for storage or even another smaller workout gadget like a stability ball.

Another nice thing about the Ultrasport F bike is that the folding mechanism itself isn't really that big of a concern. While it is large enough that it does make it easy to store or even to take with you, it is easily done with a few steps and has been proven to be sturdy overall. It does fold away easily, but it is not a difficult process at all and it will save space in your home or office. The foldaway feature is great because it helps you avoid having to worry about heavy lifting or other extra actions that could damage the frame or other workout gear that's on it.

One thing that many people would probably consider a downside to the Ultrasport F Bike would be that it doesn't have a seat that's particularly ergonomic or friendly for people who suffer from back problems. However, the seat has been designed specifically with those in mind, and the LCD display is large enough to be easily read even when you're standing up. In fact, you'll probably get more use out of it when seated than you will standing, as the seat folds down flat, making it easier for you to store or take it where you need to go. In addition to the seat, the F-backs and handlebars are designed so that they provide maximum support, helping to keep your body in the proper position while you get your workout on.