Sativa is a species of cannabis known for being notably pungent, thanks to its specific terpene profile. Terpenes are the substances within the chemical makeup of cannabis that gives it distinct flavors and scents. 

The aromas this Sativa dominant strains release can range from peppery, piney, and earth to citrus, sweet, and fruity. This plant grows in the wild in many tropical, humid climates around the world.

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What Are the Effects of Sativa Cannabis?

In short, the cannabinoids in Sativa cannabis are known to provide stimulating effects that help the user to feel more mentally motivated and focused. Some users go so far as to describe their euphoric response from the experience as a “cerebral” response. This strain can also encourage creativity and deeper conversations.

This mentally stimulating nature of Sativa marijuana makes this strain best suited for artistic endeavors, social situations, and other daytime uses. This strain is commonly known to inspire its users and provide people with the motivation they need. The majority of users tend to report some combination of the below Sativa effects:

  • Creativity – Users can find that they are embarking on a new creative endeavor thanks to the creativity-enhancing quality of the strain.

  • Uplifting – Using Sativa often results in the elevation of one’s mood, leading to feelings of hope and happiness.

  • Focusing – Ever wanted a laser-like focus on demand? Sativa is the strain for you. This strain is sure to help you focus on any task at hand.

  • Energetic – You may feel like you’re experiencing a second wind and boost of energy after using, so don’t be surprised if you suddenly want to socialize and go out.