General aviation has definitely been a difficult field to work in the last several years. However, things aren't looking good going forward. It appears that China will be opening up the general aviation market, This means wealthy Chinese will have private business jets as well as small aircraft. This is good news for US aircraft makers.

Business jets are now getting a second chance after being slammed through the Obama Administration as well as the issues of class warfare that present themselves in our society. You can consider the best aviation services via

Another problem is GPS systems, specifically devices that are on smaller scales. The interference caused by devices that are made by light squared to allow mobile communications is a major problem currently in the midst of debate. 

There have been various ideas proposed in Congress regarding the possibility of imposing taxes on every flight. If those are put in place as proposed, it could have a negative impact on the general aviation industry. We aren't sure if this legislation will pass or not, but it is possible that it won't.

The extremely light jet market is believed to have suffered an explosion of bubbles during its initial phase just when it was beginning to get out of the ground, however, you can anticipate in the near future that this industry is expected to be growing at a much more sensible growth rate. That's it for now, but you may want to sign up for my blog to avoid missing the latest trends that are likely to occur. In fact, I would like you to be sure to take note of the whole thing and reflect on it.