General practice accreditation is a process that allows physicians to practice independently and with confidence. This program provides physicians with quality assurance and verification that they are meeting established standards of care. Accreditation can help protect patients by ensuring that their doctors are competent and have the necessary skills to provide high-quality care. 

There are many benefits to having general practice accreditation , including: 

  • Increased confidence for patients – knowing that their doctor is accredited means they can be confident in the quality of care they're receiving. 

  • Improved patient relationships – if a doctor is accredited, it means they have met rigorous standards and are likely to provide high-quality care. This creates positive relationships with patients, who know they can trust their doctor. 

  • Improved outcomes for patients 

  • by providing high-quality care, accredited doctors are more likely to improve patient outcomes. – Improved patient outcomes 

  • We know that people who have a good relationship with their doctor are more likely to be healthy and happy. General practice accreditation also helps us meet the Australian Government's target of ensuring 80% of all Australians have access to general practice. Accreditation means you can feel confident that your doctor is as strong and as safe as possible.

General practitioner courses are not just training to practice as a GP, they are also training in how to be a GP. It's actually important that a GP course is accredited with the General Practice Council so that people know that it's enough of an education in general practice.