In simple terms, a freight forwarder is an agent responsible for the movement of goods on behalf of the cargo owner. His responsibility can start from the time the goods are picked up from the seller until they are delivered at the buyer’s specified location.

An exporter may need a freight forwarder to make some vital decisions during the movement of the goods. If you are also involved in the export and import of goods, then you must hire services for freight transportation via

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Here are some inputs to help you in understanding the role of the freight forwarder.

  1. A Freight forwarder can offer expert advice to the exporter on various logistics-related expenses (such as freight expenses, port expenses, consular fees, documentation costs, insurance fees, cost of merchandise, custom clearance, and charges) incurred during the process of exports.
  2. They consider the perishable nature of the goods, transit cost, time, and safety of the goods to suggest the best possible route for the shipment to the exporter.
  3. They arrange the booking of cargo space on ships, planes, trains, or trucks.
  4. They coordinate the insurance of the goods and do the necessary follow-up in case of an accident.
  5. They oversee the transportation of the cargo and its packing and loading into the carrier.