DNA testing kits are used for the sampling phase of a home-based DNA paternity test. A pair of serrated cotton strips and some DNA-free sample tubes are the key components of the kit. These two components are essential for obtaining the source material that will be used to determine the biological parentage of a child and their potential parents.

A home DNA test kit can be used in a simple and straightforward manner. You can buy the best-quality DNA testing kit via summitdnaireland.com/peace-of-mind-tests.

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It is easy for a young person to perform the procedure. All that is needed is to remove some cheek cells by using the cotton swabs to rub the inside. A few gentle rubbings with the serrated cotton wiper on both cheeks should yield sufficient material to enable a complete DNA paternity test. To avoid any mix-ups between DNA kits, it is essential that only one DNA kit be used. 

After the samples have been collected, they should be placed into the provided tubes and sealed. This will preserve the cellular material on the swab heads and prevent environmental contamination. 

The testing company will usually send the samples back to you to conduct complete DNA analysis. Usually, you receive a report in a matter of weeks.

A home DNA test cannot be admissible if the results of DNA testing are to go before a court of justice. Each sample is taken and documented by witnesses. This continuity with the laboratory environment allows for an expert witness to give an opinion in court regarding the relevancy of test results.