How many times have your eyes been scanned in a physical shop for a uniform or a nametag that said "Excuse me," as you browse the aisles? You are likely to have done it more times than you can count if you're like most shoppers. 

Online shopping can make it more difficult to get answers. Online shopping can be more difficult than in a physical shop. Questions are answered either by a staff member or the customer themselves. 

Online, customers are forced to choose whether to call and wait or to send an email to get a reply if they have questions. Online shopping should be easy and quick. There should not be any delays in answering questions. Online shopping can be made easier by utilizing live chat software.

Live chat software can be beneficial to an online business for many reasons.

1. It provides quick and easy online help.

Live chat software allows you to offer live support and live help at any time. Both the merchant and the customer are able to use the same software.

2. It saves money and resources.

Although telephone support should always be available, live support online is cheaper and less costly than using a toll-free number or paying extra phone operators. Chat operators can quickly send out pre-made answers to frequently asked questions, and copy/paste links to direct customers directly to specific pages on the site. *