Of the numerous comics being released, there aren't many that offer such a wide range of options as Batman titles. While other comics are usually restricted by strict rules about the image of the character and "family welcoming" settings, Batman and his Gothic city home are hidden in mystery, which permits Batman to break the rules to a certain extent. 

This could lead to intriguing stories for Batman Dark Knight that simply aren't available within other comic-book characters' series. Horror, Noir, Mystery, Science Fiction, Batman and the Gotham City backdrop lends itself easily to any of these genres. You can also order Emperor Penguin comic strip online.

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Sometimes Batman is portrayed as a hero. Other times, he's the brooding, sultry man who is determined to take revenge. It's been suggested that he's as insane as the villains whom he slays at the end of the day, and all can be justified under their own light if the proper mindset is adopted. A creature orphaned as a child, seeking blood of many to pay for the crimes he has committed, called a vigilante. 

A man in a huge bat suit chases a Lewis Carroll inspired midget who creates a slew of evil hats: an insane individual. Based on how the character is drawn, narrated and the person he's competing against, Batman can play various roles. It is true that the Gotham City Bruce Wayne strolls around in the daytime, and appears to be nothing more than an expensive business center because of the areas where a billionaire's is likely to visit.