Multimedia streaming technology is used to simultaneously receive multimedia clips as provided by the supplier and display it on the end at the same time of the user. Streaming media is transmitted over the internet in the form of sound (audio) or video with the use of data packets. To access streaming media on the internet, it is recommended to have a broadband connection for efficient reception. If you want to know more about the multimedia streaming technology then you ca visit at

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Audio streaming is a type of multimedia streaming which uses sound or audio signals to convey the message that arrives. Unlike streaming audio, sound recording is another way to transmit audio files because it does not start unless the file is completely received. This is a streaming audio advantages over sound recording. Users need not wait for the entire file to arrive for streaming audio, but may require a plug-in player as real audio or shockwave to play.

Many websites contain live or on-demand audio streams. On demand streams are stored online on the server itself and is readily available when requested by the user while the live stream is accessible only to a point, like a news report.