If you are just starting a restaurant business, you will need a lot of customers to ensure your business is a success. Therefore, a restaurant marketing strategy is the most important factor in shaping your new business. Here are some marketing strategies that you can try.

1. Have your restaurant marketed in hotel or motel rooms. Anyone on vacation or traveling wants to know where to eat delicious food near the place they live. One of the best marketing strategies can be calling or visiting a hotel near your restaurant and asking the hotel manager if you are allowed to place coupons and menus in the lobby area and rooms. Some hotels provide their guests with a list of tourist destinations. Ask if you can add your restaurant to this list.

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2. You can try to sponsor some of the events held in your area, such as sports or concerts. Many people from different places will attend such events, so you can expect good publicity from here.

3. The chef of your restaurant can enter a cooking competition.  This type of competition is usually covered by many local and international magazines. If you manage to win a prize, you can get more customers than ever before.

4. Distributing samples in popular places such as shopping malls, parks, etc. can also be very effective. When someone stops trying your samples, also share flyers and coupons. This will bring a lot of tragedy to your new restaurant.

5. In addition, you can offer special menus or prices on special days. You can also offer buffets at special prices during peak hours.