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Tips on How to Maintain and Fix Sliding Doors

The two types of doors that are easiest to open don't have hinges at all, instead, they slide on tracks. Sliding-glass doors are a popular feature in rooms with decks or patios because their full-length glass panels open the room visually to the great outdoors while providing easy access to the outside.

Interior sliding doors are frequently used for closets and pantries, and sometimes to conceal water heaters and furnaces. You can remove sliding-door panels easily to gain complete access to what's behind them. Follow simple sliding door track repair and maintenance procedures to keep your sliding doors on track.

Getting your patio door to slide better

Patio doors slide horizontally or at least they're supposed to. The most common cause of a sticking patio door is debris in the lower track. This channel easily becomes clogged with dirt and leaves because people and pets walk over it whenever they go in or out. Each time you vacuum your floors, use a small brush attachment or cordless vacuum to clean the sliding-door tracks.

Apply a lubricant to both upper and lower tracks to keep the door hardware clean and operating freely. In addition to cleaning and lubricating sliding-door tracks, you want to lubricate the door lock. The best way to lubricate any lock is to disassemble it and use an aerosol lubricant to flush away grime and coat the moving parts of the lock.

Sometimes, patio doors become hard to open even when the track is clean. In these cases, the problem is usually that the rollers at the bottom of the door have started to rub against the track. The rollers at the top can also wear down, lowering the bottom of the door so that it rubs on the track.

Most sliding doors have a mechanism called an adjusting screw located at the bottom of the door ends. Turning this screw raises or lowers the roller. Give the screw a clockwise turn and test to see whether the door slides easier. If the door becomes even harder to open, turn the screw in the opposite direction. After a bit of adjustment, the door should roll easily without rubbing on the bottom track.

Tips For Sliding Glass Door Lock Repair

When it comes to security and safety sliding glass door locks aren't exactly the most heavy-duty and impenetrable force on the planet.  It is however very noisy if a potential burglar had to smash the glass in order to get in but the chances of that happening are very slim so it's best to focus on making sure the lock is modern, sturdy, and secure. The entire purpose behind having sliding doors is that you have a gorgeous view of the outside and interior of the house.

Don't overlook that they should be simple to shut and open. Investing in quality sliding glass door locks is the least you can do to ensure that you have the best of both worlds in style and safety. Almost anyone that has previously owned or currently owns glass sliding doors can relate to the experience of faulty locks that either jam or simply do not lock at all.

In many cases, folks would tell you that it's not worth the time or money to replace worn locks but better to buy or replace them with new ones, and to be honest they're probably right. Repairing sliding glass door locks, Unfortunately, it's not everyone's cup of tea since the mechanisms are extremely complex and will require the expertise of a skilled locksmith or handyman in order to install and replace the locks with brand new locks. To hire one such expert repair service, one can contact

It all depends on the type of sliding door locks you are using, it's feasible to do it yourself if you have a basic understanding of the subject. Sliding glass interior doors on the other hand are not so much of a security concern and thus don't even need heavy locks.

These doors mostly serve the purpose of appearing stylish as well as creating an air of space and flowing energy in the house. Sliding glass interior doors are therefore strictly aesthetic and made to compliment your home as long as they remain functional.



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