Hard water can be softened by using various ion-exchange softeners available in the market. There are also various softening chemicals that you can use for making the liquid usable.

Almost all water softeners available today use the ion exchange mechanism to remove the hardness. The liquid containing minerals and chemicals is passed through a tank containing high capacity resin (micro-porous sulfonated polystyrene beads) for ion exchange i.e. removal of minerals. You can also visit this website to buy a water softener system online.

As the liquid is passed through the softening materials ion exchanges take place. Mineral ions get attached to the resin beds and are separated out. The less harmful sodium on the resin is released to the source.

The mechanical water softeners can be divided into the following types:

1. Manual

2. Semi-automatic

3. Automatic

4. Demand initiated regeneration units

5. Off-site regeneration

These days you can contact a water treatment and plumbing service provider online. Here is a short guideline that you should follow while buying water softeners:

1. Buy devices that are fitted with a proven technology mechanism.

2. Buy a recognized brand from a trustworthy dealer.

3. Ask about the number of years the company is in the same business to get ideas about their reputation and experience. Check the warranty provisions.

4. Be sure that you are clear about the installation, mechanism, and cost of the system installed.