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A forensic accounting audit needs a different type of handling as compared to a financial statement audit, and the protocol varies from one situation to another. The process includes an initial investigation, information reporting, and final litigation. Under this blog, you can learn about forensic accounting investigations and the importance of a forensic accountant's specialized skills while researching to make a claim.


Forensic Accounting Services Sydney typically begins an investigation and collects evidence when fraud suspicions already are in existence. The data they look for when conducting an investigation include red flags and discrepancies, which indicate fraud has taken place. They also interview staff at a company to gain more information and attempt to find the person behind all of it.  They start to form a hypothesis about what happened and create follow-up plans to continue assessing the business using the information gathered.


Experts present a summary of their findings to necessary personnel once they gather information/data and develop a case. By using these workers, determine how the fraud occurred and who played a role. The accountant can then determine how to handle the case and suggests steps you should take next and might recommend ways to prevent these incidents in the future by increasing/strengthening internal security.

The professional present their findings as evidence in court, testify against the one responsible for all it, and explains any evidence, and interpret financial documents in understandable terms.