You know the feeling you get when you attempt to take a long-exposure shot, or you just want to experiment with different perspectives and compositions against a beautiful backdrop but your background doesn't work for your session.

Sometimes the backdrop doesn't extend far enough onto the floor. You might consider putting another one on the floor. Hence according to your requirement, you can buy various varieties of backdrops from

To maximize the potential value of your chosen backdrops, you will want to create a full scene for studio portraits. You also want to be able to take more shots or compose more compositions. You can use floor drops (marble or wooden) to make your backdrops more valuable.

A floor drop is a great way to update your backgrounds and sessions! This article will give you a complete picture of floor drops and explain why they are important.

The floor drop is an excellent solution for home and studio photo sessions. It can be used as either a backdrop or floor drop. You can choose from rubber, polyester, and other materials for your floor drops. Mats made from durable materials can be molded into lifelike patterns.

As an example, take rubber floor drops. Rubber drops are strong, waterproof, and wrinkle-resistant. Rubber drops can be thin in thickness and printed with life-like, high-definition patterns/images. It's easy to use, comfortable to walk on and rolls up easily for storage. 

A floor drop is a great assistant that can add value to your final work. It is being used more often in portrait sessions. The above points are just a few reasons why floor drops are necessary.