New Age Wine introduced a new look to its most popular collection of lightly sweet, light effervescent wines. Bodegas Bianchi is Argentina's oldest family-owned winery, dating back to 1928. You can also find new-age wine (also known as the new age wein in the German language)by hopping over here.

The wines are well-respected for their distinctive appearance and refreshing taste. The new, eye-catching bottle design features bold colors and intrigues eager drinkers.

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Dennis Kreps is co-owner of Quintessential, which is the exclusive importer of New Age Wines in the US. "The appeal of the wines is in their accessibility and refreshing nature. Now they have a bright new appearance to match."

The new design features vivid colors and vibrant purples as well as a smiling woman gazing into the sunset. New Age is the most popular Argentinian white wine in America. This success has been largely due to its popularity as a drink-friendly wine. This new look celebrates those occasions when a New Age Tincho is the ideal drink to have with you: on a rooftop looking at the cityscape, or on a sandy shore watching the waves come in.

Each wine is made from grapes that have been hand-picked from sustainable vineyards in Argentina's San Rafael wine area. After being crushed, cooled, and then chilled again, each wine is chilled and macerated for 12 hours before being chilled and pressed. 

The New Age white wine is a mixture of 90% Torrontes grapes and 10% Sauvignon Blanc. It has a fruity, floral aroma. The wine has hints of citrus and stone fruits, with a slightly effervescent finish. This Tincho is best served over ice and topped with a slice of lime.

The New Age Rose is a blend of 50% Malbec, 50% Merlot, and notes of wild raspberry and sugar. It is light and fresh, with a hint of sweetness and bright acidity at the end. For a rose Tincho, serve it over ice with a slice of lemon or as sangria Argentinean style.

New Age Red is brightly colored with a purple and blue label. It's a blend of 70% Bonarda and 30% Merlot and has notes of fresh-picked raspberries and cherries. For a bold, red Tincho, serve it over ice with an orange slice. Or with chocolate desserts.