Side umbrellas, offset umbrellas and umbrella awnings are all terms used to describe cantilever umbrellas. It's basically an umbrella that has one side supported and hangs without support.

Tucci sun shade cantilever are connected to one freestanding pole on one end. This allows people to be shaded from the sun and rain from multiple locations. It is made of a strong base with a rod or pole that bends slightly towards the top. 

They are large enough to shade multiple chairs and a small table. A cantilever umbrella takes up very little space and is much more space-efficient than traditional patio umbrellas.

These umbrellas come in different sizes and shapes, as well as the prices. These umbrellas come in a variety of sizes, from 9 feet to 13 feet. Make sure you pay attention to the materials when choosing your cantilever umbrella. 

While some umbrellas are made from linen, others are made from polyester which is cheaper. It is also important to consider the material that will be used to make its poles. This can affect how durable it will be. These umbrella stands can be made from metal or wood, but some are also made of plastics.

These patio umbrellas have some very innovative designs. They are made from specially water-resistant and UV-resistant canopy materials. For durability and long life span, they are usually made of aluminum frames. They are ideal for decorating any space because of the many colors and styles available. They are lightweight, but strong enough to withstand high winds.