There are many ways to categorize cigars. These include size, shape and strength. They can also be classified by their country of origin. The most common way of categorizing a cigar is by its size. Each length and ring size has a name. These are the names you might be familiar with when you are looking for the best cigar gifts, Panatela Corona, Torpedo Toro, Toro and Perfecto. 

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Colors and Shapes. Hand-Rolled

You can now narrow down your selections by selecting the exterior wrapper color. There are over 100 wrapper colors! The shape of the cigar. The basic shapes are pyramid, tapered and flared. Don't go for the cheapest cigar; hand-rolled cigars are your best option. A machine-made cigar is not the best way to enjoy the true pleasure of cigar smoking. Spend the money.

Start with Mild Flavored Cigars

Start by purchasing a variety of sizes and styles of cigars from your local tobacconist if you are giving a gift for aspiring cigar connoisseurs. Start with milder cigars and then move on to more complex flavors. These are some of the advantages to starting with mild cigars. They generally cost less than stronger ones, and they won't cause you to lose as much as your loved one learns how to properly cut the ends, light them correctly, and how to store them at home. They will dry quickly if they are not kept in a proper container. It is a skill that can be learned!

  • Don't use paper matches to light your cigar. For best results, use a butane lighter. You can use wood matches, but you should let the sulfur go first.

  • After you're done with your cigar, place it in an ashtray. The unpleasant stench of a snuffed cigar is the result.