The best way to keep your dog happy and free from stress is to provide them natural chew toys that suit your puppy’s personality best. Chew toys can help your puppy stay active, engaged, and out of trouble.

While choosing the safest and best type of natural chew toys keep your dog’s age, size, breed, personality, and tooth development stage. Buying the wrong dog natural chew toys can fracture your dog’s teeth, flare-up food allergies, pose a choking, and provides unwelcome calories to a dog’s diet. A wrong chew toy may become lodged in your dog’s mouth. So, to buy the best quality of dogs natural chew toys one can check out the various websites.

How to check out if a dog chew toy is too hard for your dog:

  • Check out would it hurt you if someone hit you on the kneecap with the dog toy? If yes that means it is too hard and not safe for your dog.
  • Do the thumbnail press test. Using your thumbnail, can you make an impression on the surface of the dog toy? If not, it’s too hard for your dog to chew on.

There are various varieties of dogs natural chew toys in the market. Choose the one according to how active is your puppy? Do they enjoy rough and tumble play with their housemates? Then buying the action toys is the best option for them or do they seem shy or anxious around new people or in new situations? Then buying the comfort toys is best for them.