For a simple business bot, you can use Facebook Chatbot to make your Facebook Messenger more useful. A Facebook Messenger Bot is not very simple, but the user interface is also quite straight forward. It's quite easy to set up and if you have set up your Facebook account with your bot on the right way, it can increase your revenue.

Messenger is one of the most widely used chat programs in the internet. And having this tool is definitely a boon for online marketers who run online businesses.

The Facebook Messenger Bot works like a news feed, where it posts messages on your friends' news feeds. This helps the users to see different news related to your business or your posts, thus increasing their interaction with you.

If you have set up your Facebook account as a Messenger Bot, you can easily get business or marketing information from your friends. These will be a good source of business information and links.

When you set up your Facebook account, it should have the "web bugs" checked. The web bugs are the actual links that your friends share with you. Once these links go stale, they won't work anymore.

So you can be sure that your Facebook profile will have a good web bug. You can use these to post your updates and other important information to your friends' Facebook accounts.

This system is simple to set up. It doesn't require you to write a fancy script, but rather just having to add some codes that are helpful in setting up the bot.

When you set up your bot, it is important to add your links on your bot. And then you can ask your friends to share these links with you. Having these links will certainly increase your traffic.

It is important to remember that most of your visitors will be coming from social media websites. So if you want to gain more traffic from them, you need to post good content on these websites so that your users can trust you.

Facebook itself has made the algorithm to review posts. So by making your posts attractive, you will be able to obtain better ranking in the search engines.

Once you have set up your bot, you can easily send messages and invite to your friends to get them to join your Facebook page. This will help you to get more connections.

You can also track how many people have joined your group and how many people have unsubscribed from your group. So you can easily manage the number of members to your page by setting up your bot.