When designing a combustible dust collection system, there are several basic system designs to consider. The most commonly used and one of the most important solutions is the explosion isolation valve. The isolation system prevents the spread of the explosion, thereby minimizing the consequences of an explosion.

The explosion-proof valve is designed to prevent the pressure wave generated by the explosion inside the dust collector from traveling upstream to the work area where the dust is extracted, protecting workers, machinery, and equipment. You can also visit coopatex.co.uk/explosion-isolation/ to install an explosion isolation flap valve at your workplace.

Advantages of combustible dust solutions:

1) SECURITY: Protect people and industry.

2) TRUST: Leading manufacturer of dust collectors and explosion protection equipment with a wide range of explosion valves for all applications.

Choosing the right explosion isolation flap valve for your application:

When choosing the right explosion-proof valve, you need to understand several parameters, and it all starts with the type and size of the installed system. Whether it's high vacuum or low vacuum extraction, negative pressure (pull) or positive pressure (push), indoors or outdoors, a reliable company has flammable dust systems and EIF valve solutions to meet application needs.

So, you should consult a professional manufacturing company to install an explosion isolation valve at the workplace to secure your workers.