Choosing a creative advertising agency for your business can be confusing and difficult. First, there are many advertising agencies that all claim to do different things. The internet is full of everything from one-man manufacturing companies to large corporations full of employees. 

It is best to choose Aucklands creative company that has several years of experience with a strong portfolio and a company that is not too large. Don't let anyone sell you or convince you with false success statements. 

Let the portfolio do the talking for you. The best agencies have a strong history and portfolio, but they haven't gotten too big.

If you are looking for advertising, you will also want to choose a company experienced in web and TV advertising. When looking at a company's portfolio, ask how many clicks their YouTube ads are getting. 

Comedy videos are usually one of the best forms of advertising. So if you choose a company that knows how to have fun, your chances of creating an ad that will grab people's attention and promote your business will increase.

Once you've decided on a trusted advertising agency, give them a little work to see how they deliver. Remember to give your creative agency the freedom to do what it does best. 

The biggest mistake a company can make is to take control of the project and determine what the advertisement will look like. You hire a creative agency and pay them money to create ads for you, so let them do what you pay them to do.