Emergencies are unpredictable and can happen at any time. In the dental world, they also come with the added burden of extreme pain. Your teeth, gums, or mouth structures might be in severe pain that cannot wait until regular office hours. 

Dental emergencies are a variety of situations that can cause pain, including broken teeth, knocked out teeth, or lost teeth. There may also be cuts to the gums and lips. In such situations, urgency is crucial. Thirty minutes will be enough to determine if you will lose your tooth. You can also get more information about dental services in Bushwick via http://www.parkdentalbk.com/.

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Do You Need to Wait?

Due to the rise in serious dental emergencies and the potential for death, dentists have been called upon to provide their expertise 24 hours a day. Avoiding or delaying problems with your teeth can lead to permanent damage, which will make it more expensive.

What to do

It is best to call a dentist immediately if you have a dental emergency. They will be able to advise you on what to do and how to proceed.

You should always call a dentist if you feel unusual pain in your mouth. Even the smallest damage to your gums or teeth can cause nerve damage that eventually leads to tooth loss. Make an appointment now to visit your dentist. Also, make sure you ask if they are available after-hours for any emergency.