Research consistently shows that when time and effort are invested in developing effective on-board processes, payroll increases employee retention and the ability of new hires to be more productive for their new employer.

According to HR research, companies that use an automated onboarding process from typically have better retention rates over some time than companies that don't. Research also shows that when new rentals go through a structured upload program, they become productive to their employers much faster than their peers

1. Design well-planned boarding procedures:

Clearly define the expectations and goals you expect from the new lease.

2. Appoint a mentor or coach for new employees:

The trainer can provide advice, provide guidance when necessary, and provide support to make the new owner feel at home. 

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3. Include high-level company stakeholders and leaders:

All stakeholders must come together to support the new lease through a successful on-board process. This includes supervisors, coaches, human resources, and everyone in the same department or team.

4. Encourage, Inspire, and Praise Your New Employees:

You are hiring a new employee for a specific reason, be it a personality, unique skills, and/or talents, etc. Also, keep reminding your new employees how much you appreciate the organization's unique talents. 

5. Provide two-way communication with feedback and follow-up:

Updating new hires is important so they know they are on the "right track". Setting communication goals for yourself can take longer than a working day, but saves you more time down the road.