A third-party logistics provider handles all aspects of your logistics supply chain, ensuring seamless delivery and processing. These providers are independent entities of fulfillment providers and are therefore known as 3PL or third-party Logistics Providers.

3PL warehouse fulfillment center uses its warehousing, inventory, and logistics assets to fulfill client orders. This is an excellent option for eCommerce sellers who want to focus solely on gaining more customers and providing the best customer service.

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Let's take a closer look at the various services provided by the fulfillment center:


The warehouse is the storage of inventory within designated storage spaces. 3PL companies provide storage space that you can use to store your entire inventory or a portion of it. This is very efficient because you don't have to spend additional on expansion or reduce storage costs.

Inventory Management

Inventory management refers to the efficient handling of product inventories. 3PL companies typically use inventory software which helps to efficiently track inventory track with an integrated central system. This software is used to forecast sales and prevent product unavailability. You can meet all your customers' needs with efficient inventory management.

3PL logistics and fulfillment firms handle the shipment of products from the warehouse to the customer's location. This includes arranging pick-ups or transporting the goods to the courier hub. The logistics and supply chain of delivery are handled efficiently because mistakes are avoided and several quality checks are conducted using advanced technology.