Don't you love stepping on the cute little pathways in yards and gardens? How each little path twists to take us to an all-new green land built inside the yards.

A pathway should lead to the highlight of your garden – it can be a wall with vertical hangings, a fountain, a cozy seating space, or anything you have thought of to give your landscape design a boost. You can get the services of landscaping in Abbotsford via

Paths and walkways play an important role in the landscaping design and each one serves a different purpose but primarily is to guide.

Whether you are designing a pathway from your garage to your front door or highlighting the features of your garden with a path, where everyone can pause and meander, these tips will take you in the right direction.

Paths are often given the least thought during landscape designing and added just as a design element when it can do much more than being a thing of beauty. Just like each path you take in your life has a purpose, similarly, paths and walkways in a garden landscape design should also serve a purpose.

Don't just add a path in an ad-hoc manner. Don't know where you are headed with your garden landscaping?

A front path leads to the entrance of your home and sets the vibe to the whole area. The front path needs to be wide (as wide as your space allows) and make sure to use non-slip materials that complement the style of the garden.

Don't worry if your garden is short, you can run the pavers in the vertical direction to create the illusion of extension. And if your garden is skinny long, then you can horizontally create walkways.