There is a smell of gas in your home, and you suspect there might be leakage. In these situations, the first thing to do is to contact an experienced gas fitting. Contact an independent professional or one that is recommended by your utility provider. 

Be calm and try to be sure to adhere to the basic rules during such situations of emergency. Eliminate any naked flames. This is a simple rule to follow in mind before the gas fitter arrives. You can find the professional gas fitters surrey bc via

In the event of leakage, an open flame of any kind could result in a gas explosion and cause significant injuries and damage.

All windows and doors of the home after you have contacted the expert. This way, if there is gas leakage and it is not able to remain inside, the chance of fire will be much lower. Also, don't be concerned about leaving the windows and doors unlocked as you'll be outside your home.

Consult your physician if you suspect that someone in your family or pet might have breathed in some gas because of leakage. 

Gas inhalation symptoms might not include breathing difficulties however, it could be headache stomach plain, nausea, fatigue, and other signs typical of the flu.