Physiotherapy, also known as physical therapy, is a type of rehabilitation and physical care. Healthcare professionals who practice this form of care are often called physiotherapists or PTs. Patients of all ages are often treated by physiotherapists who diagnose and treat physical conditions that affect their ability to move and perform daily functional activities. 

When a Chatswood physical therapist is consulted, they will examine the patient and develop a treatment plan to address the problem, relieve pain, restore functional movement, and sometimes even prevent disability. Physiotherapists work with patients to prevent loss of movement. They also offer health and wellness programs that promote healthier, more active lifestyles, particularly for the elderly. 

Chatswood physical therapist

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When functional movements are affected by diseases, aging, or injury, these health professionals play a vital role. The science and practice of physiotherapy focus on improving the quality of life by restoring movement and preventing injury. This includes the treatment of the individual's physical, psychological, and emotional well-being. Many physiotherapists work in close collaboration with other medical and healthcare professionals, such as doctors and orthopedists.

Like medical doctors, physiotherapists have their own specialties, such as those in pediatrics, neurology, and cardiopulmonary. Because they offer a wide variety of treatments, physiotherapists are able to work in many settings, including hospitals, private clinics, and schools as well as gyms and sports clubs.

The attitude and beliefs of patients are important in the process of physiotherapy. They can also play a significant role in their recovery to mobility and better health. The physiotherapist must be trusted and believed in by patients to help them achieve their health goals. For any treatment to succeed, both the patient and the physiotherapist need to work together.