The best decision you could make if you like cooking is to purchase cutting boards made of wood or block. With the details given in this article, you'll be able to arrive at that conclusion also. The fact that wood cutting boards and butcher blocks have been used for more than 100 years, by the butchers and for many years by food establishments and consumers.

The use of wood cutting boards in your kitchen will add elegance, warmth, beauty and practicality that are an absolute asset to every kitchen. The cutting boards of today and blocks can be an art pieces to be displayed within your home. It's not always the case with plastic boards.

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Making the right choice of hardwood is crucial to choosing a high-quality cutting board or block made of wood. The ideal type of wood to choose should be those with a fine, tight closed grain. In general, oak isn't an excellent choice due to its porous open grain that will permit small food particles to enter the tiny puddles and then become stuck.

There have been a variety of studies conducted on which types of cutting tools are the most effective, but none of them can definitively be said to be either. One thing is certain; plastic cutting boards should be removed when they are terribly scared by knife cuts, as scarring and cuts result in the growth of bacteria inside the boards.