Throwing an engagement party is the perfect way to celebrate this exciting milestone with your loved ones. But what are the rules when it comes to engagement party etiquette?

If you’re recently engaged, you may have a few questions about engagement parties and the different “rules” involved. 

Like, who hosts? Are gifts encouraged? And is it okay to invite people who might not actually be invited to the wedding? However, You can choose your wedding guide or support by hiring experts and getting affordable wedding packages in South Wales.

Do You Need to Throw an Engagement Party?

An engagement party definitely isn’t essential, but it can be a great way to celebrate this new chapter with your friends and family together in one place.

As soon as your loved ones hear about your engagement, they’ll no doubt want to congratulate you both in person, and an engagement party allows you to do just this!

Another benefit of having an engagement party is being able to introduce any friendship groups or family members who haven’t yet crossed paths. It’s the perfect opportunity to get both sides mixing and mingling before the big day. 

When Should you Host your Engagement Party?

Ideally, you’ll want to host your engagement party sooner rather than later while the excitement is still fresh! Between 2-4 months of your engagement is generally a good window.

This way, you can allow yourself a few weeks to relish in your “just engaged” bubble, before diving headfirst into the wedding planning. 

With this being said, your wedding date might also influence when you decide to host an engagement party. For example, if you guys are planning on a short 6-month engagement, you’ll probably want to host your engagement party within the first 6-8 weeks instead.

The last thing you want to be doing is planning two big events at once!