One 8-inch plantain makes roughly 3 to 4 TBS flour. Use green plantains; they will dry better.

1. Peel green plantains and slice them into 1/4-inch thick discs.

2. Lay them out on dehydrator trays with some air space between them. If using mesh trays, don’t worry about flipping during drying. If using an oven, use cookie sheets with parchment paper laid down first to avoid sticking. Flip halfway through to assure even drying.

3. Dry at 135°F for 8-16 hours, until very dry and crunchy. Dry chips will sound like chips knocking against each other. There can be no moisture left. You can also buy best plantain flour via for your tasty dishes.

4. Once chips are dry, take them out of the dryer/oven and let them cool completely before grinding.

5. Using a high-powered (preferably glass) blender, grind the chips in small batches until they are powdered. It may take some time. The powdered parts tend to sink to the bottom and keep the larger bits away from the blades; after every small batch, I sift the flour out with a mesh colander and return the larger bits to the blender with the next batch. Grind, sift, repeat until all the chips are powdered. I prefer glass to plastic. Food for thought: In a plastic blender or food processor, I wonder if those fast-moving, hard plantain chips are likely to scrub plastic into your food. Plastic in the body is bad.

6. Place flour in an airtight container and label with how many plantains went in, and how many TBS per plantain.

7. Store in a dark, cool place.