The junior selection of slings is a favorite product for kids. It's adjustable boned head service and a gusseted base segment at a better match. Junior slings come in sizes Extra small, Small and Moderate and may only be used on a normal yoke.

Walking amputee sling is a perfect product to be utilized along with a ceiling hoist and parallel bars to give gait training.

It gets rid of any danger to your carer who may normally intervene to avoid drops. The walking slings may also be employed to lift kids at a vertical posture and port using a walking apparatus.

The Amputee Slings are specially designed for double and single lower-limb amputee patients, such as a commode gap and complete head support.

The individual is easily rolled off and on the sling for lifting. The sling offers excellent security and assistance when lifting patients in the bed or floor. It comes in two sizes and can be found in Fabric or Mesh Material.

The Patient Standing Slings are all used along with the Salsa Reputation Hoist for weight-bearing Customers. These slings can be found in Medium, Large, or Extra Large size using a choice of Velcro or buckle closed.

Leg strap may be an optional extra which can facilitate a semi-standing transfer. These slings come standard with keyhole clips but may be arranged with loop attachment to be used with other manufacturers' hoists.