The growth of massage therapy has been rapid in industrialized countries, and especially in the United States. Many factors are responsible for this growth, both in the therapeutic massage industry as well as the wider context of American culture. The acceptance and increased awareness of alternative therapies for common problems, both chronic and temporary, is one of the most significant developments in this field.

Studies have shown that massage can be used to relieve pain and other symptoms. It also promotes faster and deeper healing. With the increasing acceptance of massage therapy, there has been a widening range of applications. Medical massage is a growing field in which massage therapists can provide treatment. Those suffering from muscle aching and chronic pain conditions can get effective medical massage at Pearson & Weary.

Medical massage can be described in a wide or narrow way. I prefer to use a broad definition that includes all massage therapies used for the purpose of relieving symptoms and/or encouraging healing. Medical massage is growing in all parts of the country when viewed in this way.

A Chicago massage therapist, said, "In the 25-years I have been working with clients, I've noticed a substantial shift" in the number and types of clients seeking massage to treat particular issues or conditions. Another area benefiting from the growing acceptance of massage therapy is chair massage at work, also known as corporate massage.

The proven physiological benefits of massage can be a powerful tool to boost productivity and employee satisfaction in a workplace that aims to improve the work environment. Employers get to have fun with their employees and feel good about helping improve the health of their employees.